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Silver Creek Outfitters is Hunting,

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Elk, Deer & Mountain Lion Hunting


Colorado Outfitter #2578 Unit #15

*Equal Opportunity Service Provider of the Medicine Bow - Routt National Forest

Now booking Elk & Deer hunts for 2019


Elk hunting at Silver Creek Outfitters includes horseback travel to hunting areas, pack out of game and guides or non-guided assistance. 5 days of hunting, airport transfers to and from Hayden, CO.


Early 1st rifle seasons elk only. 2nd and 3rd season rifle, elk and deer available, 4th season private land. Late season, cow only available.


Guided Hunts utilize 1 guide/2 hunters. Non-guided hunts let hunters utilize their own skills after being transported to hunt areas. We offer fair chase hunting methods only.


Application for drawing will be available the first week of March and we will be happy to assist you in submitting the applications.


The deadline is April 2. All hunts are primarily for bull elk. Bull elk with 4 points on one antler or better, or the hunter may take a cow, with proper permits.


Where there is a buck deer season, they are included at no extra charge except packing out fees for deer.


All hunts are for 5 days, not including pack-in and pack-out.


On all hunts, hunters arrive in camp the day before the hunt and leave the day after the hunt.


Consider your hunt booked upon receipt of 1/2 deposit per hunter. A formal contract will be forwarded upon receipt of deposit. Non-hunters welcome at $200/day.


Hunts Offered:

Currently we are offering Archery, Muzzleloader, and Rifle seasons for Elk, Deer and Bear. Late season cow only.


Moose Hunts, unit 15


Mountain Lions will be available, throughout N.West Colorado Nov. 22nd to March 1st 2019


All of our Elk hunts in Unit 15 are by horseback only, these hunts are in a rugged area of Colorado .


All efforts will be made to adjust, for hunters needs.


We will be in high quality wall tents, you will be camping every day around the wilderness in the National Forest. All no trace camping methods will be practiced by all hunters. All camping equipment will be provided.


Fully guided hunts we will provide all food and drink needed, we will pack hunters in on horse with a 65lb. limit for gear, We will do our best to accommodate special needs, but not guaranteed.


Semi-guided hunts will be guided for the first 3 days, self hunting the balance. Cook and food provided.


Drop camps will be complete for all your camping needs, including water. No food provided. Also available is packing of hunters entire camp to a remote wilderness site. 100lb. limit for gear.


Animal retrieval - Drop camp hunters must pack quarters to a horse access area. We will then pack your animal to our ranch.


Animal retrieval - Fully guided, semi-guided hunts - we will quarter, haul, pack your animal to our ranch.


All hunts are based on 5 days of hunting, pack in & pack out not included in these days.

SilverCreek hunting, Extra with background photos

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SilverCreek hunting, Extra with background photos


License Fees


The deadline for the drawing is April 2nd




SilverCreek hunting, logo


Silver Creek Outfitters

Hunt Fees:


Elk and Deer - Any Season

• Drop Camp: $2100.00

• Semi Guided: $4100.00 = 2 hunters per guide.

• Fully Guided: $4800.00 = 2 hunters per guide.

• Trophy fees for bulls over 350 $1000 "Guided hunts only"

•  All are 5 day hunts, all on foot from our camp. Horses are available for hunters at $125 per day. Guided only.

• Private land elk, deer self hunts Includes a trespass. and modern cabin $1400.00 each in unit 15

• All extra animals harvested will be charged a pack out fee of $400 each.

• All hunts are based on 1 animal harvest.


Mountain Lion Hunts

$5600 Trophy fees included





A 50% deposit is required to confirm booking on any hunt. Deposits are not refundable. If not drawn for your scheduled hunt it will be rescheduled in an available week the next available year. Deposits can be transferred to another person for another year or hunt depending on availability. The preference points saved can not be transferred to another hunter. Call or e-mail: 970-846-5877

Typically in our area Deer are draw only, Elk are over the counter licenses, Mtn. Lion are over the counter, remember all lion hunters must have a lion education course completed, available on the Colorado DOW Website. For more DOW license information and dates you may call their recording 1-303-291-7529.


We are Professional Outfitters

Dave and Rich are professional back country outfitters. While both are experienced horse handlers, they each have specialties. Together they have 60 years of hunting experience. They both live, work, and play in the Silver Creek area, year round.


Wilderness Hunts

Elk,Deer and Bear wilderness hunts offered,all horseback in and around the Sarvis Creek Wilderness. Physical but fun hunt! Fully guided,semi-guided and drop camps available.


Mt. Lion Hunts

Come and enjoy the sights and sounds of our hounds on the trail of Colorado's big cats!

You'll be traveling around some of our scenic cat country on snowmobile, ATV and on foot.


Horseback Rides

Enjoy or summer rides into the wilderness, we offer 2 hr,1/2 day rides and now overnite rides to our outfitters camp in the Sarvis Creek Wilderness. Enjoy fly fishing,hiking or relaxing around camp next to our wild trout streams.

SilverCreek hunting, Extra with background photos
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