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Dave, Thanks for setting us up for success, still looking for a place to hang these antlers that won't endanger small children but I'll figure it out, LOL . Hopefully my beginners luck will hold out in the future."


- Chris Pyle

SilverCreek hunting, Extra with background photos

"I have been doing pack in elk hunts, both on my own and with outfitters, for many years and this hunt is the real deal. I was impressed the moment I rode into camp. Excellent camp,tents,cook shack, stock, food and crew. The pack in is not to far but far enough, just right. My guide Bob knew the area and put me onto four bulls on the 2nd morning, harvesting one. Very happy with the hunt and I strongly recommend this hunt for the experienced hunter and first time hunters!! Enjoy!


- Randy Glaze, Lompac, CA.

First rifle season hunt, 2014"

Dave and Silver creek Outfitters provided our party with outstanding service and a great hunt! I may be the luckiest man on earth, seeing as how I saw elk every day that I went out! I saw a total of 13 elk over the 5 days that I hunted. From what I gather that is a job well done by my scouting crew. My hunt ended with me taking down a respectable 5 x 5. The guides were courteous and offered valuable insight. The drop camp had everything you could need on a long hunt. The food was great and coffee always hot! If your not afraid to get out into the woods, Silver Creek Outfitters is the place for you! Please call me if you would like any information. I highly recommend Silver Creek Outfitters to all my friends.


~ Peter "horseshoe" Samargia

My dad and I were treated with a phenomenal week of hunting and terrific life memories as the outfitter worked tirelessly and professionally to provide us with two Mountain Lion opportunities.

The result : two trophies and two contented hunters. The service extended beyond the actual hunt as the outfitter provided upfront guidance regarding license acquisition and post hunt D.O.W. check in and taxidermy support.


The entire hunt was fun , informative and productive.

A must do.

Thanks again!   Dave & Travis     Victoria, MN.


The Lion hunt with Dave and Bud was a great time. They know lions and did a great job with the dogs and finding tracks.  It was a lot of fun and the dogs  are amazing. The weather always seams to be beautiful.  My only regret is that  they where "too good" and it was done "too soon" (was done after 2 days of  hunting and only 1 dog chase).  It is a perfect hunt to bring a friend to hunt  with or even to just tag along to enjoy the mountainous country and watch the dogs do their thing.  Now that I have 1 cat under my belt, next time I would  only bring my Bow and would hold out a few extra days in the hopes for a Big Tom and maybe even a bobcat.

Thanks Dave!

Al Krech, ND



"Mr. Keller,

I can't thank you enough for taking me on the hunt of a lifetime! Your experience and knowledge of hounds and lions is top notch. I appreciate your dedication to me having a successful hunt. I learned a lot and hunted in some of the most beautiful country in the world. Looking forward to another hunt with you and your team!"

Thanks again!


Brad Huffman, OHIO



Dave, I just wanted to thank you, Bob (the guide) and Vickie (the cook) on my semi-guided hunt.


We had a great time from the start. On Friday on the horse ride in we saw approx. 20 elk and 4 bulls in the herd, then you get that gut feeling "this is gonna be a great hunt" Then we got to the camp at 9600 ft., I was glad to be riding horseback as a 58 yr. old flatlander. When we arrived, Dave had 3 nice wall tents set, wood burning stoves and firewood ready to go. I've hunted Colorado public land and doing all the camping stuff, loading and unloading, setting up camp, cooking, washing dishes, etc.. This hunt you pack your hunting clothes and gun, that's it. Dave had the cook, food ,snacks ,pop, beer etc. This was the first time I hunted in Colorado and never saw another hunter! So Dave has a great location!


On Saturday, Bob took us down the mountain and got us in some good places to set and wait with good shooting lanes. We left Bruce in one spot to look over this valley, so bob and I took a little walk up, down, sideways finding fresh tracks in the snow heading up the mountain. We headed back to pick up Bruce and headed back to camp for lunch. After lunch and a short nap, we headed east to put a rock on top of other rocks which bob says brings good luck. When I return, that's the first place I'm going. We saw a lot of sign but no elk on the first day. on sunday after breakfast Bob took us on another "hike" After about an hr. of walking Bob left me on a rock where we thought was a good spot. He took Bruce a little further away. Well after 12 years of elk hunting and never taking a shot, I saw a big bull walking up the mountain. I stood up took aim between two trees and shot my first elk, he dropped in his tracks. Thanks to Silver Creek Outfitters, I got a once in a lifetime, 6 x 6 bull scored 328, I know that I will go back to hunt with Dave again!


During our hunt, my hunting buddy Bruce, had 2 chances on bulls. He had a 4 x 4 in his scope and decided to let that one go. Later that day he had a huge bodied bull, 70 yds. but got away. But that was a good day hunting!


Also to let you know, I shot the smallest bull in camp. Congratulations to the other hunter on the 6 x 7. I know this letter is long, but it says we had a GREAT TIME!

~ Jerry Halvorsen, Iowa City, IA


We had a terrific experience! Dave and Rich worked beyond our expectations to get us a shot at a bull. We could not ask for more, all 4 hunters had a shot at a bull! Scored 2 out of 4 Accommodations were tremendous.


~ Frank, N.Y.

Hunted 1st rifle. Great horses,tents,food and GUIDES! Weather was unseasonably warm, full moon, no snow etc. Made hunting hard. Woods were full of tracks and sign. Some bugling. Dave and Rich worked super hard to help me and our group to see animals. Saw bulls and cows, had the safety off 4 times, but could not get the shot. Our group of 4 shot 2 elk. Guides have several good "Ambush" points located. Am 69 years old and the accomadated my needs perfectly. Spectacular elk range-will be back for summer trail rides.


~Virgil - Colorado



I just want to send my personal thank you for the incredible hunt i had with you. Send anyone my way and they will get the truth, i have been on several guided hunts and this one is hands was the best. 4 hunters in camp 4 shot's at bull elk, 2 trophy's down. AWESOME! I will be back God willing. Thank you all very much, Paul Brickner P. S. I would refer Silver Creek Outfitters to anyone but they want to be ready to work and hunt hard for there trophy. My hunt was 2nd rifle 2010, one 5x5 and a 370 6x6 boone and crockett.


~Paul - N.Y.



After 10 years of using different outfitters in AZ and CO, I finally found what I was looking for with Silver Creek Outfitters. Remote locations with few, if any, other hunters. Elk that aren't heavily hunted and spooky. On 4 of the 6 days I hunted I had bugling bulls in the area. The camp was stocked with everything i needed to have a great hunt. Calling in a nice bull to within 40 yds while hunting by myself was fantastic! Screwing up the shot by a wardrobe malfunction means i'll see you next year!! I'll be dreaming of that bull until next bow season.


~Joe, Madison, WI

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